Yunju Park came from South Korea, now working and living as a multi-media artist in Germany. My interest is public art and borders between public and private realm. 

Upcoming 2021

MMCA Artist Residency Goyang, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, South Korea

Solo screening Show 6.20-9.19 Seoul Media Canvas, Seoul city art, Wooribank, Seoul, Korea

Kunststiftung Berlin Senatsverwaltung

광주디자인비엔날레, 9.1-9.30, 포르쉐 후원

Solo Show 9.30-10.10, 금호미술관 Kumho museum, Seoul, South Korea

Group show 생생화화 生生化化, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, South Korea

Fremantle Art Center, Perth, Australia

Media Screening at Timessquare(NewYork), Shibuya Station(Tokyo), Gran Via(Madrid), K-POP SQUARE(Seoul), Sony Centre(Berlin) : supported by Porche Grobal and KÖNIG GALERIE, Germany

NAVER press below:


Solo show <When wake up, Another dimension, Ypsilon>_Kumho Art Museum

Recent Work-samples below:

Corn and Wind
Red to Grey
Orange to Blue
 서울로 미디어 캔버스 개인전, 서울시 공공미술 프로젝트 일환 Seoul Media Canvas, Public Art, supported by Seoul Urban Art project, Woori bank, South Korea 2021.6.21-9.19