15h_Under the shadow, single channel video 15hours, performative installation, 2017

2017 년 5 월 독일, 작은 동네 구석까지 난민은 폭주했다. 이것은 두달째 집세를 내지 못해, 집에서 쫓겨난 한 외국 여자에 대한 이야기다. 박스 몇개와 트렁크 세 개가 전부인 재산을 들고 밖에 나앉았다. 적당한 나무 그늘을 찾는다. 밖이자 안이고, 공공 장소였지만 개인장소인 이곳은 적어도 집세를 내지 않아도 된다. 15 시간 동안, 나무 그림자의 방향과 모양에 따라, 삶의 구도가 변화한다.
She finally lost her place on her second year in Germany. She, a woman, a foreigner, part-time worker, became homeless. The weight of her life represented just a few boxes and two suitcases.
There is a proper tree which she can take rest for a while, even outside and public space though. The tree is quite good as a shelter at least for her, who has nothing in this country. Especially the shadow gave stability from separation between in and out (private and public). She decided to follow the shadow, which is changing every time because of the sunlight. The shape and direction from the shadow set her life story and made history. This became the box of system, society and policy in her history. She needed to follow according to the shade to protect her life (for small luggage). She had to stay there for 15hours until darkness came.